Cascade River

Born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. He practices photography, writing, musical instruments, digital/analogue drawing, digital painting, etcetera. He is also a graduate of Hamline University in St. Paul Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts in the areas of American and World History. Goodwill Industries of Minnesota employ him.

Artistically he is primarily a photographer. He collects cameras, old and new, and uses both film and digital models (100+ dating back to the 1920s). In 2022 he is involved in photographing the Whitewater River in Minnesota and plans to capture thousands of images. The photos will be dreamlike and employ abstract and surrealistic elements.

Curt identifies as a Christian artist incorporating Gnostic and Quaker beliefs into his philosophical system. His beliefs include left-libertarianism, classical stoicism, and an awareness of the importance of logic, moral codes, and ethics.

Curt also identifies Asperger Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder) as an important influence on his life and art. Asperger's has led him toward a life of solitude. In recent years working in retail at the Rochester South Goodwill, he has begun to increasingly overcome isolation. He is an advocate of greater understanding and awareness of "Aspies" (people with Asperger Syndrome).

He is open to collaboration with other artists and models/sitters.