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Meet Emma(Melt Media).

"Using the name MELT comes from a neighbor I had growing up. She used that acronym to remember the names of my siblings and me. My name is Emma and I am the “E” in MELT.

I describe my art as painting the silent and uncomfortable moments. My art features a story or feeling that’s pulled out of raw moments of my life. One’s that are peaceful and other’s where I can’t get out of bed. 

Visually, they can be dark, light, scary, or calm. Painted with acrylic on canvas, my newer pieces feature a “drip effect” which is watered-down acrylic dripped onto the canvas with a brush of my choosing to create a precise drip. It adds a “let life flow” attitude to my paintings. Which is a beneficial thing to remind myself since I have anxiety. The benefit of my art is the ability to find a piece you can resonate with in your human experience."

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